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Friday, July 19, 2013

La Forge Community: Do you know anything about it?

updated 12-4-2016

La ForgeGDL~2013 (16)

“... after crossing on the ferry from Tennessee to the New Madrid area to join his older brother James, John & Kizzie moved into the La Forge Community...”

Years ago I heard the story of the families arrival in New Madrid County ‘loaded into a flatbed truck’. Then and since then, bits and pieces of stories would include the reference ‘…up at La Forge’. From map research I know it was northeast of New Madrid and perhaps along the levy, but have not been able to pinpoint it on a map yet.

Do you have any stories passed down, or recollections of La Forge? Pleas share them with us in the comments link, on Facebook or via email. Any location information would also be appreciated.


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