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Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Cassandra Urban: Born On the 4th of July

(Cassandra was the father of Mary Catherine Urban, wife of Timmons Literal. Timmons was our Grandpa John’s father.)

image Cassandra Urban was born July 04, 1831 in Alabama, and died July 21, 1912. He married Susannah L.E. Landtroop (#114) Abt. 1855, daughter of Stith Landtroop and Mary. She was born May 27, 1837 in Alabama ??, and died November 29, 1908.(1)
Cassandra Urban was the son of Cassander Urban and Catherine Wise, the census information on the 1860 and 1870 Census shows Cassandra as being born in Alabama in 1834. Unfortunately, family oral history and Census information provided by some of Cassandra’s children indicates that he was born in Prussia and spoke German. He may have very well spoke German but the 1860 and 1870 Census, clearly establishes his birthplace as Alabama.(2)
Marriage information on Cassander & Catherine substantiates the birthplace of Cassandra as Alabama as they were married in Lauderdale County, Alabama, June 2, 1830. Family oral history and the inconsistent spelling of Cassandra and his fathers name have combined to confuse them with each other. It is most probable that the elder Cassander, husband of Catherine Wise, was born in Prussia and migrated to Lauderdale County, Alabama sometime before 1830, and had at least one son (Cassandra) who spoke some German. Fall96 (1)crpd
Urban Lane

Cassandra was a ‘Southern Unionist’, a Union soldier from a Confederate state. Along with his brother-in-law Stith J. Landtroop, Cassandra served with Company B, 1st Alabama Cavalry. The northern Union Army had at least one unit from every Confederate state made up of southern unionist. One of every ten southern soldier served in the Union Army.

For more on Cassandra and Stith’s story, the family Civil War story, and Southern Unionist click her.

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  1. The correct name for him, is Cassander, after his father. His headstone reads, James Cassander Urban, as well as some other documentation. He served for the North in the Civil War. His parents were Cassander (nickname Casper) and Catherine Wise, married Feb. 6, 1830 in Lauderdale County, AL. By the way, my husband, Ron, is the descendent, and our email address is randjurban@gulftel.com if you'd like to contact us. Thanks!



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