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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Fauquier County Luttrells: James Lotterell, died about 1698

Who are the Fauquier County Luttrells?
James Lotterell landed as an indentured servant on the shores of Northumberland County, Virginia, our first American ancestor. He served out his period of servitude and settled in an area that would become Fauquier County, Virginia.
He and the family he raised are our first ancestors and we will present their history in Fauquier County collectively until our direct ancestor migrates from the area.

James Lotterell was delivered directly to the shores of Northumberland County, Virginia by Captain Robinson. One of twenty-seven indentured servants, was delivered to the shores  by Captain Laurance Robinson who received payment [1350acres] for his cargo (the indentured servants) on 3-23-1671. James married Susannah and by the time of his death (1698) was "a land owner and Tobacco planter" with a sizable estate. James had at least two sons, Richard Lutterell, of Fauquier County, Virginia and John Luttrell [#3077] of Northumberland County Virginia. By the time of Susannah's death in about 1707 John Tullous is appointed as guardian for John (still a minor). The appointment of John Tullous as guardian has led many to assume that Susannah's maiden name was Tullous, but this assumption is

unsubstantiated, as others have applied the same assumption to her daughter-in-law, Mary, wife of Richard.

Richard Lutterell, (older son of James Lotterell above) married and was survived by his wife Mary. Between 1721 and 1745 the Proprietors of the Northern Neck of Virginia and Lord Fairfax conveyed to Richard Lutterell over 400 adjoining acres of land, lying on "Brent Town Run" and possibly in the Elk Run Vicinity of the Southern District in Fauquier County. In 1760 he obtained another 240 acres on a branch of Negro Run, from George Crump.

see area of Richard’s homestead (click here)

Will of Richard Luttrell, Sr. Fauquier County, Virginia Will Book I, Page 95

In the name of GOD Amen, this 10th day of September 1764.

I Richard Luttrell of Fauquier County, in the Colony of Virginia being of perfect health and sound mind and memory thanks be given to GOD for it therefore calling to mind the mortality of my body and knowing that it is appointed for all men to once die, do make and ordain this my last will and testament, that the hands of Almighty GOD that gave it and my body I recommend to the earth to be buried in a decent Christian burial at the descretion of my Executors nothing doubting that at the General resurection I shall receive the same by the Mighty Power of GOD and as touching such worldly estate wherewith it has pleased GOD to bless me in the manner following:

IN PRIMIS I give to my son James Luttrell, 70 acres of land more or less and being the land whereon he now lives and bounded by me.

ITEM I give to my son Michael Luttrell 70 acres of land more or less being on the same side of the run that my son James lives on and bounded by me.

ITEM I give to my son Samuel Luttrell 70 acres of land more or less being the same land and plantation whereon he now lives and where John Collier formerly lived and bounded by me.

ITEM I give to my son John Luttrell 70 acres of land more or less it being that part of land whereon he now lives and bounded by me.

ITEM I give to my son Richard Luttrell my new patent of land containing 58 acres of land whereon he now lives.

ITEM I give to my daughter Antiss part of the land that I bought off George Crump lying on the south side of Rocke Run that runs from John Nelsons old field to William Raussaus mill bounded by Woods line, Forsythes line and Dearmons line, containing 80 acres of land more or less.

ITEM I give to my daughter Mary Luttrell part of the said land lying on the west side of the run bounded by Woods line, Dearmans line and Peters line and the ridge path that goes from John Combss to John Nelsons containing 80 acres of land more or less.

ITEM I give to my daughter Susan Luttrell the remainder part of the land on the west side of the said path bounded by Woods line and Peters line containing 80 acres of land more or less.

ITEM I give to my son Robert Luttrell the plantation whereon I now live and the remaining part of my land adjoining to my said plantation being 74 acres of land more or less.

ITEM I give to my daughter Catherine Coram five pounds current money of the Colony to be raised within the compass of one year after my decease, out of what part of my movable estate my Executors and Executrix shall think most proper to sell for the raising of said money.

ITEM I give to my daughter Sarah Luttrell five pounds and my young bay mare branded on or near the buttock to be delivered to her at the age of eighteen or marryed.

ITEM I give to my granddaughter Mary Coram five pounds of current money of Virginia to be paid at the age of eighteen or when she is marryed.

ITEM I give to my loving wife, mary all the rest of my movable estate to be by her possessed and enjoyed during her natural life and after her decease to be equally divided amongst my children.

ITEM I constitute my loving wife, Mary and sons, Richard and Robert Luttrell to be Executors of this my last will and testament and do hereby utterly, disallow, revoke and dismell all and every other former testament, wills, legates and bequeathes and Executors by me in any way before names willed and bequeathed ratifying this to be my last will and testament and no other in witness thereof I have bereuntoset my hand seal, day and year above written VS


Signed sealed and delivered by said Richard Luttrell on his last will and testement.



Richard R

Edward Lorrance
Richard Lorrance

At a court held for Fauquier County, Virginia, 26th day of May 1766 this will was proved by Edward Lorrencewitness thereto and ordered to be recorded and on the motion of Richard Luttrell and Robert Luttrell who made oath and acknowledged bond as the law directs certificate is granted them for obtaining a probate thereof in due form.

TESTOR R. Brooke

NOTE: In the transcription of the above will we have not sought to correct any spelling or punctuation from previous copies.
Also not that most of the surnames do not have consistent spellings throughout the will.

volume II


  1. Richard Lutterell, of Fauquier County, Virginia was my gr. grandfather. What is your proof that his dad was James? I've seen records that James did have a son John & there are records that show John's kids but there ARE NOT any records that show James had a son Richard!
    In Richard's will in 1764 he signed his name was well as his son Richard-meaning they were well educated & probably came from a wealthy family. There were books among Richard's possessions in his will. Alot of us believe that Richard parents were Robert Luttrell & Anne Preston of Ireland.
    It would be nice if you would show your proof as there are too many misleading info about Richard Luttrell.

  2. After re-reading the above info & from other sources about James Luttrell he did have only 1 son John b. 11/10/1691 St. Stephen's Parish.
    When John died in 1698 he didn't have 'a sizable estate'. In 1697 he bought 100 acres & John son of James sold the same land in 1742 to Abraham Beachum.
    In 1709 John a minor was appointed a guardian named John Tullos.If James had other children where are the records appointing guardians for them? There AREN'T any as James had only 1 kid the above John.



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