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Friday, August 21, 2015

Book Project UPDATE: Volume II / Volume I

update: 8-21-2015

As some may have noted from the increased number of articles on our European ancestors, the emphasis has shifted from Volume 2 stories to Volume 1 stories. The reason is that the size of the Volume 2 work has made it apparent that I could not finish the book in time for the October reunion.

Cover V1As a consequence I have retargeted Volume 1 as the book most likely to be ready in time for the reunion. One positive effect of this change is that it will give everyone a chance to update their family information so you are included in Volume 2 (new target date= before next years reunion). Send me your family information, including your line of descent as far back as you know it. names, dates, pictures, stories, etc.

originally posted: 1-7-2015
…In preparing the first draft for the next book(s) we have found it necessary to address some old unresolved mysteries. Some of these mysteries have been as much as 20 years old. There is a lot more information (good and bad) available on the internet that use to require a visit to some small county library in “Poduck”, Kentucky or somewhere. This has led to some mysteries solved, new information discovered, and even some new mysteries created.

We’ve already posted two mysteries that have been resolved:

There is more, but we don’t want to delay work on the books so we will post them as we process them into the books first draft. We ask you to be patient, but just to aggravate you, here are some teasers:

  • In the past we have pointed out that Grandma Kizzie had the distinction of having ancestors on both sides during the civil war. While we are still trying to verify this we have discovered that Grandpa John also has that distinction. We knew his grandfather, Eli Literal, served and died during the war, serving with the 9th Tennessee Cavalry(CSA). Well, now we know his grandfather on his mother’s side, Cassandra Urban, and Cassandra’s father-in-law, Stith Landtroop (John’s great-grandfather) served together in the 1st Alabama Cavalry(Union). The 9th Tennessee and the 1st Alabama may have even faced off against each other.
  • We’ve discovered a possible additional generation on Grandpa John’s ancestors(Landtroop). We presently discovered an unconfirmed father for Stith Landtroop, John Lanthrop. If this can be confirmed we may also have our second Veteran from the war of 1812.
  • We’ve well documented the service of Grandma Kizzie’s Belew ancestors (Zachariah and Renney) in the Revolutionary War, and we’ve made mention of the marriage of Zachariah’s daughter to Daniel Comer, a neighbor of the Belews in South Carolina. Well it now turns out that Daniel Comer’s father Captain Daniel Comber actually served in the same regiment (2nd Spartan Regiment) as Susannah’s father Pvt. Zachariah Belew, and her grandfather Lieutenant Renney Belew.
  • We have also discovered a will for Daniel Comber of Union County, South Carolina. This the grandfather of Jesse Comer , of Lawrence County, Tennessee. In addition we may have identified his (Daniel Comber) father and grandfather.

volume 2

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