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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

The Lantrup Sisters

UPDATE: Mystery Solved!

I’ve had this picture since the late 1990s when one of Uncle Jim’s daughters, Auvine Lynxwiler, gave it to me. We’ve had it posted on the website and at reunions since then with no success at identifying who the sisters were and how they connect to our Littrell line.

Grandpa John & Uncle Jim’s mother, Mary Catherine Urban Literal, was the daughter of Susanna L. E. Landtroop Urban.

Lantroop Sisters
Contribute by Auvine Littrell~Lynxwiler

For years the only clue we had was:

     The inscription (in pencil) on the back of this photo was faded and covered. It says: “Lantrup Sisters.”

Then a few year’s ago at a Tennessee reunion someone left a note on the picture display that said:

“Frances Landtroop- ****” the **** might have been “Pach”?
“Lynn Landtroop Fisher”

Besides the note being hard to read, what little information it contained was not adequate enough to make an identification. We had too many Frances and not enough Lynn's, and no ‘Fishers’ that had either a Frances, Lynn or Landtroop connection.   

Recently, while working on the draft for the next book it became necessary to return to some old files to cross reference them with some new information. In the process the new information filled in a gap here and an unanswered question there to start to make some connections. An online reference to an Elic Fisher buried in a small cemetery filled with Fisher’s and Landtroops, a marriage record of a Frances Landtroupe marrying a David Payne matched a Frances Landtroop who was the daughter of George C. Landtroop.

“Lynn Landtroop Fisher”  -- Nancy L. Fisher – the L. was for Lynn/Lee.
Lynn Lantrup, and her husband, are buried in the Clack Branch Cemetery in Lawrence County, Tennessee.

The Clack Branch Cemetery only has 17 other graves in it. Two contain George C. Landtroop and his wife, Mary Neece, and three others belong to sons of George (brothers of Nancy). The remaining graves belong to other Fishers, Landtroops and four others not bearing those surnames..

Nancy had a sister that we soon discovered had married a David Payne:

FrancesLantroupeFisher ML

“Frances Landtroop- ****” the **** might have been “Pach”? – 
“Pach” was Payne.

From this Descendant Chart you can see that the Lantroop Sisters are Mary Catherine Urban’s first cousin, by her uncle George C. Landtroop.

......3 Stith Landtroop b: Abt. 1802 in Virginia, USA
         + Mary Agee
.........4 Susannah L.E. Landtroop b: May 27, 1837 in Alabama, USA, d: Nov 29, 1908
            + Cassandra Urban b: Jul 04, 1831 in Alabama, USA,
               m: 1856 in Madison, Alabama, USA,
............5 Mary Catherine Urban
               + Timmons Seburn Literal
.........4 George C. Landtroop b: Nov 09, 1845 in Alabama, USA,
                                                                buried in Clack Branch Cemetery
            + Mary Neece                              buried in Clack Branch Cemetery
............5 John Henry Landtroop b: Dec 10, 1876 in Alabama, USA,
                                                                buried in Clack Branch Cemetery
............5 Huston Landtroop b: Jul 15, 1879 in Alabama, USA,
                                                                buried in Clack Branch Cemetery
               + Laura Mae Fisher b: Nov 06, 1895 in Tennessee, USA, m: Aug 04, 1912
                                                                buried in Clack Branch Cemetery
............5 Nancy L. Landtroop b: Jul 18, 1884 in Alabama, USA,
                                                                buried in Clack Branch Cemetery
                    d: Aug 24, 1858 in Loretto, Lawrence County,Tennessee, USA
                    Chronic Pulmonary Fibrosis / Informant Mrs. Fred Simbeck
               + Elic Fisher b: Mar 02, 1893, m: Oct 11, 1914 in Lawrence, Tennessee, USA,
                    d: Nov 07, 1950 in Lawrence, Tennessee, USA
                                                                buried in Clack Branch Cemetery
............5 Dasie Landtroop b: Abt. 1887 in Alabama, USA
............5 Frances Landtroupe b: 1889 in Alabama, USA,
              + David Payne b: 1887, m: Sep 22, 1912 in Lawrence, Tennessee, USA
............5 George Landtroop b: Feb 19, 1894 in Tennessee, USA
                                                                buried in Clack Branch Cemetery
              + Virgie Hamsley b: May 20, 1906,   buried in Clack Branch Cemetery
                    m: Oct 01, 1922 in Lawrence, Tennessee, USA,
............5 Susie Landtroop
              + James R. Fowler b: Aug 22, 1878 in TN., Wayne Co.,
                  [Holly Creek Community],
......3 Sarah Landtroop b: Abt. 1805 in Virginia, USA; probably Dinwiddle County
         + John Frick b: 1803 in Virginia,
......3 Susan Lanthrop b: Abt. 1808 in Virginia, USA; probably Dinwiddle County
......3 Julia P. Lanthrop b: Abt. 1816 in Virginia, of; probably Dinwiddle County

Almost 20 years to identify these girls!

This Landtroop family bears the same surname as Mary Catherine Urban’s mother, Susannah L. E. Landtroop wife of Cassandra Urban.

     In researching Mary Catherine's ancestors and their descendants we came across this family, which, by their surname, location and dates are probably related to Mary Catherine. Until that relationship/connection is made we list them as unknown relatives.  

     When they are connected we will show them in the Urban family line and change their surname from all caps to “Landtroop”.

If can help connect any family e-mail me or use the comment link.

IMAG000432   GlennDL

Landtroop, Lantroop, Lantrip, Lathrop, and all spellings.
Ancestors of the descendants of Timmons Literal & Mary Catherine Urban through her mother.

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