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Thursday, January 1, 2015

Share your Mother’s Day pictures for Mothers Day:

Send me your mother’s picture (alone or in a family picture) before Sunday and I will create an album/montage for Mother’s Day and post it hear.

Mothers Day

If you know how to print a message ‘on the photo’ that is OK, but make sure the message will be readable when the picture is resized.

Send it to me by e-mail: gdl@glenns-world.com   After you send it watch your email in case I have any problems or question with the picture.

The pictures will be posted here Sunday morning. Any pictures arriving after the photos are posted here Sunday will be saved for next years Mother’s Day.

If you are on Facebook: We are doing something similar on Facebook at the family’s group page. If you’re a member of the family’s group page you can post your mother’s picture on the group page too, with a message, you can post here or there or both if you want.  If your on Facebook, but do not belong to LittrellFamily.net on Facebook then click here to join, after joining send me an email stating how you descend from John & Kizzie.
For more information click the “LittrellFamily.net on Facebook” tab at the top of this page.   [note: the family group page is for descendants of John and Kizzie only, if you are a Littrell descendants, but not from John & Kizzie and would be interested in starting a group page for your branch let me know]

If you are on Twitter: You can post your Mother’s Day picture and message to this page via the “Family Twitter” feed box in the right-side-bar of this page. This option is available to all Littrell descendants.

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