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Thursday, January 1, 2015



the reason I was asking about your Burgess family line is that in my files I have your great-grandfather’s parents as Tom Burgess and Medorie Harmon. I don’t know where I got Tom & Medorie from, I thought it was you or your mother but I can’t find anything in my notes.

The reason why this came up is that I had discovered some information on an ancestor who also descends from a Tom Burgess and Medorie Harmon. This was new information so it couldn’t be that I had entered their parents into your ancestors by mistake. When I went to enter this new information the computer alerted me that I already had a Tom Burgess and Medorie Harmon in the system. With over 9000 persons in my system it would not be unusual to have matching married couples, but in this case the names Burgess and Medorie are not so common as to cause me to ignore it. This is why I was asking if the ancestor who I have as yours was married twice.

I was hoping that you might have more information on your ancestors that would help me determine if these were the same individuals or just a coincidence. I will proceed and treat them as separate people. In time I will probably remove Tom Burgess and Medorie Harmon as your ancestors.

In the process of trying to research the above I came across the information below on another set of your ancestors: Lillie Mae McMikle’s, father.


“Most probably a McMikle family photo that was received from a family member who could not identify anyone. I'm asking for help from other members of the family who possibly may have a copy of this photo. Appreciate any help possible.”  The person who posted this did not post his email, but if it interest you I can request it from him. GlennDL

…also if the picture interest you I can send you a higher quality email, but I don’t have your email address.



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