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Monday, January 5, 2015

The Family of Timmons & Mary Catherine [Urban] Literal:


Among other areas this site highlights the families of Timmons Seburn & Mary Catherine [Urban] Litterel their ancestors in Tennessee and their descendants. This includes the allied families of Urban, Landtroop, Sandy, Smith, Ellis, Ezell & Comer.

Most of the children of Timmons & Mary remained in the Lawrence County, Tn., and Lauderdale County, Al., except for James and John who moved to Missouri in the early 1900s. The families of John & James are highlighted on ‘Page 3: The Missouri Littrellls’ and the various sub-pages  [3b,3c, etc.] of this site [this also includes the families of Viola Littrell even though she married and remained in Tennessee when John moved the rest of the family to Missouri]. 

The children of Timmons and Mary who remained in Tennessee are highlighted on ‘Page 2: Tennessee Littrells’ and its sub-pages.

Timmons and Mary, their ancestors, their allied families, James and John’s years in Tennessee, and the general Lawrence/Lauderdale Counties of the area are also featured on ‘Page 8: In Tennessee’ and its sub-pages.

To get the most out of Tennessee Littrells and to understand how you can contribute click on the 'Page 9' links in the 'Table of Contents' section.

[1] Timmons [2] Mary Catherine [3] Lisley [4] Mozella [Ellis]
[10] James C. Urban (Mary’s brother) [5] John D. 
[6] James C. [7] Richard B. Smith
[8] Suzie Louisa (Smith) [9] Pressley


  1. I am the great granddaughter of Crutcher Comer, the brother of Mrs. Kizzie Comer Littrell, of East Prairie, MO. My grandmother was Beatrice Comer Norton and my father was Carroll Alton Norton. I had 3 brothers, Rolf Alton (dec.), Carroll Lee and Timmons Daniel, and one sister, Cynthia Maria (dec.). I am also on Facebook. My name is Patricia Norton Page (pat page). Thanks for all this info. Sort of fascinating.

  2. Patricia, I'm sorry I didn't notice your comment sooner. Did you see the family picture with your grandfather Crutcher in it. http://littrellluttrell.blogspot.com/2008/08/comer-family.html or click on Page 3:xxxx in the sidebar and scroll down to see it.



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