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Monday, January 12, 2015

Mrs. Mary Malinda Powell Smith: Over 80 Article.

Mary Malinda Powell Smith was the mother-in-law of Suzie Louisa Smith, who was the oldest daughter or Timmons Seburn Literal and Mary Catherine Urban.

One of the oldest members of the Over 80 Club is Mrs. Mrs. Mary Malinda Powell Smith of Loretto. She was born in Prospect in Giles County on September 7, 1861. She has lived in Lawrence County for 94 years and is 96 years old.

Although an invalid now, she has had an active life, employed throughout with the occupation of being a housewife and mother.

While her children were still young, her husband, the late William E. Smith was killed when a sawmill boiler blew up where he was employed. This happened on February 19, 1897, leaving her with five children to support. The youngest, David Smith, with whom she now makes her home, was only five years old. Other children are R. B. Smith of Loretto, Hautie Eaton, Florence, Alabama, N. E. Smith, Plant City, Florida and David Smith.


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