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Monday, July 8, 2013

Who are these three little girls?

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Help us identify these three girls.

In this picture it appears to be Bertha and three little girls at a grave site. When and where unknown.

R~L-2 (5)

The two older girls above appear in this picture at Grandpa John’s

J~L- (15)enhanced

One of the two girls also appears in this picture.

J~L- (16)enhanced

All the above pictures could have been taken about the same time and we believe they were taken before the picture below. The following picture could have been taken at the same time as the above, but we have dated it c.1949. The identification of the littlest girl in the top photo would help us date the above pictures too, if she is the same in the below pictures.

The littlest girl, from the top picture, appears in this picture in front of Grandpa John. In this picture we had previously identified her as Mary Catherine Littrell, but have since discovered that Mary is too young and that the only female within the age range would be Darlene.

JDL-9 (2banner)names JDL-9 (1)littlegirl





If this little girl is Darlene then who are the two older girls in the above pictures?

For earlier speculation on some of these photos see:  “John & Kizzie Family Pictures: When were they taken? “

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