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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Littrell Family Places: UPDATE

If you’ve never been  viewed Littrell Family Places (click here) you view it at anytime by clicking the tab near the top of the page titled Littrell Family Places.  (underneath the banner)

7-22-2013 UPDATE:

belewcemWe’ve added a new category of markers to the map: “Allied Family Cemetery”. These markers will be fore cemeteries that predominately contain allied  connections to the family. The first marker up is “Fuller Chapel Cemetery” near Leoma TN. It contains Belew, Bivens, Johns and some Littrells. We will conduct some research on this cemetery and post an article when completed. The Fuller Chapel’s significance to the family may be more in its location than its contents. The icon/marker (above) for this category is the same as for the Littrell Family Cemeteries, except it is blue.

We have moved the Military Role Call icons/markers to their own map: “Military Roll Call Map”. All military related marker/icons have also been moved. This keeps the original Family Places map from getting too cluttered. A link (icon/marker, below right) to the Military Roll Call map has been placed on the Littrell Family Places map using the old Military Role Call Category. A link back (icon/marker, below left) to Littrell Family Places map has also been put on the Military Roll Call map using the same category. You can also access the new map the same way as the old map by clicking the titled tab at the top of the page, under the banner.

LFnBanner                           MRC movedICON

7-19-2013 UPDATE:

We’ve updated all the non-Military Role Call markers so that when you click a marker on the map and open the information box you can find out more about the markers location or event by clicking the title of the open information box. The title will be underlined if it links you to more information, if its not underlined then it is not linked. If any of the links do not work let me know. (use the comment link in each box). 

7-17-2013 UPDATE:  We’ve added pictures to the “John & Kizzie Family” markers. These markers show the general location for each of John & Kizzie’s children that lived to adulthood and had families. The icon/marker for this category on the map isJandKicon pictured to the right. Only the children‘s locations are shown via this marker, we will add a marker for First Cousins in the future. To view John & Kizzie’s Location use the “Homesteads” category.

Clicking on the markers will open the information box. :

  • Hover you cursor over the markers in the map and the name of the person represented by the marker will appear, click the marker and the information box will open, click the picture shown and the pictures box will open.
  • Click on the markers to view information and the pictures. If the markers are not visible then open the legends box.
  • In the “Legends” box on the map page, click the check box next to the marker and title to make the markers visible on the map.
  • To view only the markers for John & Kizzie click the title next to the marker in the Legends box and all other markers will be invisible (check boxes will be unchecked).

You can leave comments by clicking the comments link when the markers information box is open, please do.

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