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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

FaceBook Badges:

 Want cousins on FaceBook to find you? There are two ways (and you can do both):

  1. Create a Facebook badge and post here on www.littrellfamily.net
  2. Join LittrellFamily.net on Facebook

Facebook Badges:

You can create a facebook badge  and put it on this site.

    • Just click here, select ‘Profile Badge”, 
    • and follow the instructions.
    • select Vertical for the layout, under items, please try to limit your selection to 5 items or less.
    • Then paste the code into an email and send it to me.  gdl@glenns-world.com

What does a badge look like: Scroll down this page and watch for other badges in the left-hand sidebar. Presently Kelly, Troy and Glenn

LittrellFamily.net on Facebook :

LittrellFamily.net is a closed group, only members can see post, but you will be able to see the members list.

      1. Click on the ‘Join Group’ link in the upper right, under the banner.
        in your request link, introduce yourself so that we are aware of your connection to the family group.
      2. Look at the member’s list and select a member who is on your friends list and message them with a request that they invite you to join.
        Only friends can invite you to join.
        Don’t see all the members in the members list? Click the ‘See All’ link next to the Members count. Even the group admin cannot invite you to join if your not on his friends list.
    • LittrellFamily.net on Facebook is the FaceBook site for the Littrell Family.
    • Primarily descendents of John & Kizzie (Comer) Littrell.
    • Non-members can view the site and membership list, but only members can post or view post.
    • Feel free to post messages, videos and links. they will appear to group members only and not to the rest of your “Friends List'.
    • LittrellFamily.net on Facebook is a good way to keep your family discussions and post separate from your normal FaceBook activities.
    • Non-members can request to join and members should be able to invite people to join, if not then provide the admin with the request via email.
    • Don't forget to visit www.littrellfamily.net,the non-facebook family website. For all Littrells, Luttrells etc., but with an emphasis on the descendants of Rhodhom Literal.
    • You have the ability to communicate with FaceBook and non-FaceBook family there.
    • It has much more family information their. Remember, everyone isn't on FaceBook.
    • https://www.facebook.com/groups/littrellfamily.net/members/

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