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Thursday, October 26, 2017

Robert Luttrell: Virginia Militia

Robert Luttrell is the great-great-grandfather of John Daniel Littrell.

Robert Luttrell, was listed as a member of Captain John Ball's Company of Fauquier County, Virginia Militia. 1 i

In the same source as for Robert above there is also a Rodhom Luttrell (spelling may vary). This is not the son of Robert as he would have been just 8 years old in 1775. ii We believe that he is an unidentified cousin or uncle of Robert, probably the namesake relative of Robert's son, Rodhom, our ancestor. 2

Va Cl Loose Papers p4

So far there is nothing to indicate that during Robert’s activation the company did more than local activities of muster.

1 We have little information on Robert and Capt. Ball's Company.

2 Since some have identified Robert as the step-father of the younger Rodhom, not his biological father, it is also possible that this is the younger Rodhom's real father.

i John P. Alcock, #32 Fauquier County: 1759-1799, We have little information on Robert and Capt. Ball's Company.

ii Some youths did travel with and serve in some position as drummers or horse groomers, but there is little reason to suggest that here. In addition, in spite of traveling with cousins who were veterans claiming Veteran Land Grants we never find record of our Rodhom, Robert's son, doing so.

The above information is from: Military Role Call: The Littrell Family of Mississippi County, Missouri, The Littrell Family Journals Volume IV. (click here)
Littrell Family Veterans Video

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