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Thursday, October 26, 2017

Eli Literal: Confederate States Army, 9th Tennessee Cavalry Battalion

John Daniel Littrell's grandfather, Eli F. Literal, was
a member of the 9th Tennessee Cavalry (CSA) during
the Civil War and died in service somewhere near
Tunnel Hill, Georgia in 1864.

Because Eli’s widow resided in Mississippi during the Civil War some had concluded that Eli died there [as a civilian], but Mary’s presence in Mississippi was probably a result of having kinfolk in that area when Eli enlisted in Company A of the 9th Tennessee Calvary Battalion on the side of the Confederacy in September of 1862.dedic

Eli's enlistment at age 36 was unusual as he was past the conscription age and head of a household. The speculation is that with the approach of winter, the ownership of a horse and hard economic times Eli saw enlistment as a way to subsidies his family. We have no information on Eli's position towards the 'cause' and there could be many reasons for him enlisting so late.

The Tennessee 9th Cavalry Battalion was formed at Camp Maury (December 23, 1861 ) and thereafter mustered into Confederate service under the command of Lieutenant Colonel Gantt. Made up of six companies from Maury,Wayne and Hickman Counties. Both Wayne and Maury Counties border Eli's home county of Lawrence. Earlier in the year the 9th had been in the siege of Fort Donaldson and had surrendered on February 16, 1862. The officers were imprisoned at Ft. Warren in Boston Harbor, Massachusetts and the enlisted men at Camp Morton in Indianapolis, Indiana.

In September of 1862 the men of the 9th were exchanged in a prisoner swap at Vicksburg, which was still under Confederate control. "The 9th Cavalry Battalion and the 1st Mississippi Infantry Regiment were temporally consolidated (until the 9th could be remounted) and ordered to report to Major General Van Dorn in Northern Mississippi.

Col. Gantt,U with a detail from the several companies, was ordered to Middle Tennessee to get recruits for the battalion and secure horses upon which to remount his men. In October a seventh company was formed in Hickman County, TN. This recruitment was probably from Col. Gantt's detail and may have included Eli, however, Eli is listed on Battalion rolls as being in Co. A which is made up of earlier Maury county recruits.

9th Tenn campainOn General Van Dorn's retreat from Corinth the 9th was ordered south to Port Hudson, reporting to Gen. Villepigue, where they aided in the construction of the fortifications. The battalion was joined by Col. Gantt and the recruits he brought from Tennessee.

As you can see from the map the map the 9thTennessee was engaged in many battles and skirmishes across the south following Eli’s enlistment.

excerpted from:

“Military Roll Call: The Littrell Family
of Mississippi County, Missouri”
Chapter 1.
The Revolution. (click here)
Littrell Family Veterans Video


"Walking Among The Stones: The Littrell Family of
Lawrence County, Tennessee & Mississippi County, Missouri

Chapter 3: Memorial Dedication for: Pvt. Eli F.C. Literal.

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