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Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Harbert H. Ezell: Union Army

Kizzie’s maternal grandfather, Harbert Ezell,
served in the Union Army during the Civil War.

Second Creek CemeteryBorn in 1820 we have three sources for the service of Harbert H. Ezell, his tombstone, family stories and the published recollections of Robert Ezell.

Family history, passed down by the descendants of Robert Ezell, tells of 4 brothers serving on opposite sides during the Civil War.

“Hobart (Harb), Lem, and Will fought in the Civil War on the Union side, Robert fought on the southern or Confederate side(CSA). During the Battle of Chickamauga, Harb, Lem, and Will had jobs loading the rifles for the Union Army. When they realized that Robert’s unit was facing them on the battlefield they refused to load rifles”

dedicThis account is flawed in that the 4 were not all brothers and Lem may not have actually been with William and Hobart at Chickamauga. Lem was either a brother or cousin of Robert and William, who were brothers. Hobart was an uncle of Robert and William and probably Lem. Lem had originally enlisted in the CSA before either deserting or being captured by Union Forces. After serving as a POW he enlisted in the Union Army and finished the war at Ft. Riley, Kansas.

It is not unusual for family stories that are handed down for generations to change as the telling becomes subject to failed memories or convenience. It is not hard to envision an uncle, a cousin and two brothers becoming and uncle and three brothers and then just four brothers.

The above information is from: Military Role Call: The Littrell Family of Mississippi County, Missouri, The Littrell Family Journals Volume IV. (click here)
Littrell Family Veterans Video

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