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Friday, January 9, 2009

Viewing Tips:

When viewing pages 2-10 or single articles you can always return to the main/front/first page [Page 1] by clicking the 'Littrell Family ' banner at the top of the page.

To Isolate an article for viewing or printing click on the articles title. To print use 'Print Preview' to determine the number of pages to print. Sidebar items may cause a short article to print over many pages.

To view all articles on a certain page click either the page title in the Table of Contents or the appropriate page title in the 'Labels' section of the article/post.

Remember that some articles/post may appear on more than one page depending on their relevance.

....even right now you can post comments on some articles by looking for the 'comments' link. Just put your mouse pointer over it and click [left-click].

Not sure about HOW2 use the comment feature? Click Here for a quick demonstration. [If any video, is still playing pause/stop it or let it finish first so you can hear the demonstration. ]

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Remember, each page has a limit on how many articles can appear on that page. When you reach the bottom of a page use the “Older Post” link under the last article(ABOVE) to view/see if there are more articles.

You can use the “Newer Post” and “Older Post” links to navigate back and forth between pages.