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Thursday, January 1, 2009

George Washington Littrell

Hi Glen,
My name is Sandy Littrell Miller. I am the eldest child of Benerd Paul
Littrell and Georgia Gerldine Littrell of Rolla Missouri. My grandfather was
Milton Earl Littrell and his father was George Washington Littrell. George
was one of 12 children and so was his father George.
My family came to Missouri from Kentucky. We also have a lot of Indian in us
both my grandma Irene Leaf Littrell and my grandpa Earl were 1/2 Cherokee.
My dad is very ill and finding out about the Littrell family will make his
month of hospitalization much happier. Our family settled in Washington
County Missouri and my dad grew up in a little town called Richwoods.
FYI.. In Lee Summit Missouri is a living history museum, and the
Littrell/Luttrell cabin from 1856 is still standing there. Email me when you
get the chance!

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