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Saturday, January 10, 2009

About Littrell Family.net:

Littrell, Luttrell, Literal, Comer, Ezell, Urban, Landtroop, Hampton, Tennessee, Missouri, and reunions.

Its all here.

Welcome to the website for communicating the history [genealogical research] of the Littrell/Luttrell family and their allied families.

This is where I post information on the various family lines for the name Littrell, or Luttrell, or Literal, or any of the many varied spellings* of that name throughout history. I have researched the history of the Littrell, Luttrell and Literal family for over 15 years now and have written several books on the Littrell and Luttrell families of Europe, Colonial America, Tennessee and Missouri. I am presently writing and planning to write several more as well as re-editing the previous books. In addition to the Littrell and Luttrell histories I hope to write on the Comer, Urban, Smith, Ellis, Sandy and Ezell families of Colonial America and particularly Tennessee....gdl 2007

To get the most out of LittrellFamily.net and to understand how you can contribute click on the 'Making the Most of this Website.' link below.

Whenever referring to a specific Littrell/Luttrell or a specific branch I will use the accepted spelling for that branch, but when referring to Littrell/Luttrells in general I will use the ‘Littrell’ spelling.

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