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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Military Role Call: Update 11-23-2012


Since the reunion I have returned to working on this book with the hope of getting it done in the next few months.  If you haven't sent me military information on your Littrell, ancestors, descendants, cousins or siblings please do so as soon as possible. 

Please don't make the common mistake of waiting until you have all your information together before sending it.  This almost always results in none of your information making it into the book. Any information I receive before the book is sent to the publisher will be worked into the book.

Send me what you have now to insure that at least that makes it into the book.  Any updated information you send later will be added if the book isn't already done or will be added to the next edition.

So don't hesitate, send what you have now!

Why Does the Title Specify "...East Prairie..."?

Over the years the majority of information on military service has come from the descendants of John & Kizzie Littrell of East Prairie, Missouri, my direct ancestors.  This is probably due more to circumstance and coincidence for several reasons, but make no mistake about it my intention is to include information on all service that is reported to me as long as their is a connection to the direct line of Timmons Literal with  consideration given to allied families.  The present plan is to include the non-descendants of John & Kizzie in their own chapter or if enough is received possibly a second book.  I will also include information on significant individuals such as Col. John Luttrell above and Sgt. John Pittman who while not direct ancestors or even family members by their achievements are worthy of mentioning their connection to our family.  Another example would be Col. Henderson and Daniel Boone, two significant historical figures who had major influences on our families both directly through Col. Luttrell and indirectly through their influence on historical events (the Cumberland Gap) that impacted our direct ancestors.

I am limiting the focus of this (these) book(s) on the ancestral and descendant lines of Timmons Literal because there has already been significant work done on the broader military service of our colonial namesakes:

HEROES In the WAR for American Independence
All Spellings

While this book is out of print I have been working on reproducing it for Ms. Goldsberry in the past and will return to that effort soon.

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