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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Littrell Family Moonshine Stills:

from Evelyn Nolen Sarber to posted toGlenn Littrell on FaceBook

  • Hey Glenn, thought you may know. (had to copy & paste, no share button on original post from Rachel)
    Rachel Pengi Brown
    To all the cousins out there: I'm in search of a photo of Great Grandpa Littrell (Willa Dean's dad) with his stills. Could you let me know if you have one or ask around to see if anyone does? I know they exists, I just don't know where...
    Morgan Johnson Alesia Littrell Burrows Laura Littrell Hanks Angela Sarber Jade Renee Van Pelt Shelly Wells Brown Please tag any other family members you have as friends. It would mean alot to my grandma if we could find one.Helen Nolen D'Angelo

    Evelyn Nolen Sarber:
    Helen Nolen D'Angelo  has mom's photos, (Teresia B Littrell)...maybe Helen Nolen D'Angelo does??3 minutes ago ·
  • reply from Glenn Littrell: I have yet to see any pictures of the stills and have never heard anything that led me to believe they exist, but that doesn't mean they didn't or still don't exist. I would be very interested in them myself. If Rachel has any info or leads I would be glad to pursue them. Uncle Jesse's (Dean father) branch would be the most natural source for pictures of the stills in Tennessee, Glenn Littrellsince he remained there the longest (except for Sis's family, but I have never heard any stories of her family being involved). In Missouri I would think Red's branch would be the most likely source, but while Fred & Janet have spoken of the moonshine they've never mentioned any photos to my knowledge.
    Onene's husband Bert Curtis met Onene when he was running sugar for the moonshiners on the levi (Missouri), but I've never heard anything that suggested he was connected to the Littrell families enterprise.
    Have you seen the videos from last years reunion near poplar bluff? Where were talking about these old stories? When we do it at this years reunion (October) I'll be sure to bring this question up.
    I'm going to post this exchange on the website ( www.littrellfamilly.net ) maybe someone will respond.
    Hope you guys and Rachel are planning to come to the reunion of all of Grandpa Johns descendant.

Rachel Pengi Brown Posted on FaceBook:

Littrell Still_thumb[2]
Laura sent me a picture of the stills!! Thank you Laura Littrell Hanks!!! Though if anyone else has anymore I would still love to see them!

Glenn to Laura:

I've just seen the picture you sent Rachel. Does the picture have an inscription on the back, do you know the history of the picture, who's in it, etc.  Can you scan it in a higher resolution? Do you have anymore like it?

Reply from Laura Littrell Hanks

  • Glenn, the only thing on the back is in my dad's handwriting and says "Whiskey still." I don't know anything of the picture and am not sure how I got it. I guess my mom gave it to me. This is the only one like this that I have.
    I'll try to get a better scan.

Original post: This post/article is a consolidation of two previous post: “Pictures Of The Family Moonshine Stills?” posted 9-12-2012 and “Littrell Stills (Moonshine): Part 2” posted 9-16-2012, both of those articles are contained here and both original articles have been deleted.     GlennDL

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