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Friday, June 28, 2013

John & Kizzie’s Photo Album: ONLINE

John & Kizzie Comer Littrell of Loretto and St. Josephs TN; LaForge, Anniston and East Prairie MO.

  • 6-28-2013: UPDATED 11 new pictures.

GDL-1993 (2) Jess Davis, Onene Littrell Curtis & Les Littrell 1979 Indy  MLC-1d (9)

  • From time to time we will move photo’s from the master computer file and post them into the Online Albums and post an update reflecting these additions.
  • All the photos in the Online Albums will be included in the pictures distributed at the annual reunion in October, plus many photos not included in the Online Album.
  • Not all pictures posted to the website will be in the Online Album or the pictures distributed at the reunion as we will not include them for distribution until we have completely identified the who, what, when and where of the photo; or have given up on any further identification.
  • Pictures distributed at the family reunion will be of a higher quality than the same pictures in the Online Album, they will also include all versions of a picture: cropped, uncropped, different formats, with/without names, etc.


  1. In the picture you have posted of Rubin, Betty, & O.J. I believe it's Rubin Littrell His wife Shirley Nelson, and I think the man you have as O.J. is Les. If you will look at the other pictures you will see O.J. has on a checked shirt not a white one. I could be wrong.

  2. Your probably right, I'll correct it and re-upload it this weekend.

  3. You probaly wish I would quit getting on here looking at pictures and trying to correct them. JC says I nev er ever forget anything.

  4. Actually, just the opposite, I wish more of our cousins would do like you. My childhood memories of family are very limited.
    I don't think I really knew any of my aunts and uncles before that reunion at Wappapelo in 91. Red, OJ, Bertha, and Onene were just names until I started doing this family research thing. Same for most of my cousins, so while I may be able to find out by research and investigating I have to rely on everyone else for memories and insight.



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