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Sunday, June 9, 2013

JD Littrell and Comer relatives in Washington:

Taken during JD’s second time stationed at Ft. Lewis, Washington. Hopeful that I can identify the Comer branch in the next few months (probably have it on file now but research is directed somewhere else for now), but thought I would put it out there in case anyone has information.

First picture inscription: "On the ocean beach, we was clam digging. Got our limit. We are drinking coffee. Mike Comer (?) I don't know the other boy, the next one is Bob Comer, Steve Comer, Vergle Wife Katheline, Louie + me."      

Second picture inscription: "This is Mt. Ranier, snow on the ground and realy hot.”

Third Picture inscription: "I caught 4 like the one in my hand, and I got two sharks. WoW. The guy in the center caught the big one. JD, Washington"

Just came across this ten minutes after I posted the above
JDL-1950s (67b)"I was on my way to  Mt. Ranier mountain, thats it behind me, with snow on it."  JD

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