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Saturday, February 3, 2018

Jesse Luttrell/Littrell connection tentativly established:

See previous article: Possible new family connection in the St. Louis area

Yes, you are related and that relationship goes back a long way. As yet I can't estimate the exact 'X cousin, X removed' situation.

I still don't have my software up and running so what I have so far is limited, which means that the exact tie-in has to be verified.

Your friends Fagan is probably the son of Charles Fagan Littrell. Some dates (birth, marriage, deaths, wife's name) for her Fagan would go a long way to solidify this possible connection.


To summarize:
Jesse Littrell m. Sarah Jane Walker, one of his sons was Joseph Andrew Littrell, and one of his sons was John Steven Littrell who had sons Charles Fagan L. and John David L. (and 6 other children). The connection with us goes back 200 years to two brothers, our Rodham and her Jessie. Who coming from Farquire County Virginia, migrated as young men, along with a group of siblings, uncles, and cousins, to the Southwestern end of the state near the Cumberland Gap. Around 1800 they would migrate to South Central Kentucky and remain there for several years leaving family is they eventually migrated to South Central Tennessee around Lincoln and Franklin counties. From there they would settle in the area along the Tennessee-Alabama border in the counties of Lauderdale County Alabama and Lawrence County Tennessee.

In doing this research at the library I have discovered several documents pertaining to this line that a previously didn't have. As a result, I'm going to create a page for the family line of Jesse Littrel in anticipation of connecting her to that family line on the Littrell Family News website, www.littrellfamily.net, not the Facebook group page (that page is strictly for descendants of John & Kizzie). I will start posting information there as soon. These new documents or draft registration cards for her ancestors, Census records, Social Security, service records, and marriage documents. Once I set up the family page for her family line I'll send you a link to share with her. I realize there's a possibility she might not be computer literate and if that turns out to be a problem I can send her hard copies of what I have by mail. My first choice though is to create a page that not just provides her with information but other family members so she can direct them there.

Out of curiosity is your friend's name Whitney?

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