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Sunday, January 28, 2018

Possible new family connection in the St. Louis area:

Article updated: see link at bottom of this article.

ALB: Hey I met this woman on FB - we could be related, her name is Michele Rogers, maiden name Littrell. Her family is from AL. Her father is Steven Littrell, Grandfather, Fagan Littrell. She didn't know what her great grandfather's name was but she does know her grandfather's( Fagan) uncle was John David Littrell. She did tell me her grandfather Fagan had several brothers..... any of these names sound familiar or look familiar. I looked on her website, didn't see any of these names.

GDL: Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner. Since my upgrade to Windows 10 (compatibility problems) I don't have access to my computer files to check the information you gave be. I'm having this problem with older hardware and software and can't say how soon I can get it resolved. The information doesn't jump out at me and I will probably need more in the long run. My current guess would be that if there's a connection it previous to her grandfather. If I don't get my genealogy software running I may have to upgrade it. If I don't have a solution by next week I'll visit the state library and use their software. I'm posting this exchange to the website in case some visitor can chime in.Image may contain: 1 person, eyeglasses, closeup and indoor

The above is shared from a Facebook conversation between Alesia Littrell Burrows.

If you have information please comment or send it to: indianaglenn@gmail.com 

I will update this info as needed.

Article updated: Jesse Luttrell/Littrell connection tentatively established:

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