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Saturday, November 19, 2016

Are your descendants becoming a ‘lost generation?’

Over the last 5 years many of the First Cousins have tried to rekindle the closeness and affections that we all experienced in the days when large family get togethers were common at Grandpa John and Grandma Kizzie's homestead in East Prairie. But, as our families have spread out across the country these get togethers eventually became limited to the occasional funerals for the children of John and Kizzie. With the passing of Aunt Onene and Bertha the generation of the children of John & Kizzie, the siblings, has passed on.

As the new 'last' Generation of our family some of the “First Cousins" (the grandchildren of John & Kizzie) have tried to rekindle the uniqueness and tightness of our Aunts and Uncles: Jesse, Noble, Sis, Red, JD, Les, OJ, Onene, Rubin, Bertha, and Letha Mae.

We have done this through the annual family reunions, the websites, the family luncheons in the Boot Heel and St. Louis and now the recognition of our Veterans in East Prairie. We realize that everyone cannot attend all these events, but you are missing a great bonding event. Not just the bonding between you and your cousins, but a bonding with your kids and grandkids as they see the uniqueness and diversity from which they come.

When you talk about heritage, our country’s history, the imperfections of our current generations, the loss of values and respect, you are talking about ailments that can be addressed and cured by exposing your kids, grandkids, great grandkids etc., to the heritage and history of our family.

A unique family for many reasons, but especially the fact that we have a well documented history dating back to before the creation of this country. The history of our family is the history of this country. The history of our family's Veterans is the Military History of this country.

Take advantage of these events, help insure that your descendants get exposure to something to be cherished. Grab them and drag them kicking and screaming to some of these events. Support some of these events by participation. Regardless of our political persuasion, the level of our religious believe; in spite of our diversity, our skeletons, warts and imperfections; we unite, bond, and commune as a family. Consider becoming involved.


JDL-1962 (7)

see also: John & Kizzie's homestead today.

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