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Monday, November 7, 2016

The Landtroop Family: Two Brothers Go To War

William Landtroop and his sons are not our direct ancestors.
William is the great-granduncle of John Daniel Littrell.
(Martha & Peter Lantrop is John’s great-great-grandparents.)

William Landtroop is a son of Martha and probably Peter L. Lantrop of Dinwiddie County, Virginia. After Peter’s death Martha moved the family to the north-central border region of Madison/Limestone/Lauderdale County area. Among Martha’s children was our ancestor Stith Landtroop and his brother William.dedic
William would move to Fayette County, Tennessee between 1840-1850, where he died before the Civil War. Several of his children moved westward following his death. We find his daughter, Sarah E. Landtroop and son, John P. Landtroop Landtroop in Arkansas in 1850, and Stith Jackson Landtroop, in Texas at the beginning of the War. We don’t know where John P. was at the outbreak of the war, but he enlisted into the 38th Mississippi Infantry (mounted) Regiment in March of 1862. His company, Company “B” was made up of men recruited in Claiborne County, Mississippi. The unit was actually at Elkhorn Tavern (Battle of), also called the Battle of Pea Ridge, in Arkansas in March of 1862.
Because of his age at the time of his enlistment John would not have been drafted. His records indicate that he enlisted in the place of P. B. Flowers, who was drafted*.
Stith was a farmer in Texas when he enlisted into 27th Texas Cavalry Regiment.

Even though John and Stith were in different units both the 27th Texas Cavalry and the 38th Mississippi Infantry (mounted) were assigned to the western Mississippi area under General Van Dorn, and would fight in many of the same battles.

  • Battle of Iuka (Mississippi) both.
  • Battle of Corenth (Mississippi) both.
    Following the Battle of Corenth Stith was captured at the Battle of Hatchie Bridge (Davis). He was held for 9 days before being paroled, and rejoining his unit.
  • Holly Springs (Mississippi) Stith
  • Battle of Thompson’s Station, Stith
  • Ft. Vicksburg (Mississippi) both. The 38th Mississippi Infantry (mounted) Regiment was assigned to Snyders Bluff, north of Vicksburg on the Yazoo River. The Regiment was moved to cover the Jackson and Graveyard roads by the morning of May 18th. John P. was wounded on May 19th. By the end of the Vicksburg siege (July 4th) John P. was reported dead.
    The 27th Texas Cavalry was operating on the perimeter of the Vicksburg area and therefore does not appear to have been among the captured. Stith was discharged in January of 1864 by reason of a surgeons certificate of disability. He died in Texas, before the 1870 census.

TITLE: Siege of Vicksburg--13, 15, & 17 Corps, Commanded by Gen. U.S. Grant, assisted by the Navy under Admiral Porter--Surrender, July 4, 1863, by Kurz and Allison

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