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Monday, April 4, 2016

John Riley Littrell: Query

Q: Hi Glen My name shows as Mae Condray but my maiden name is Littrell I am in search of relatives. My father did not have a lot to do with his family when I was growing up so I dont know much about them. His name was James Harold Littrell, my Grand father was James Henry, and my great grand father was John Riley Littrell. They live both in the Harlen KY area and Muskogee OK area after the fall of the coal mines in KY. If you know anything about this branch of the family I would appreciate an answer. Thanks Mae (Littrell) Condray

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A: Mae, I have many John and James Littrell’s in my files. I would need some dates and any other information to make a connection. The point of emphasis should be on John Riley but also the others. Sometimes a spouse, birthdate or an Uncle’s name might help make a connection. I am posting your Query on the website in hopes that it might ring a bell with someone.

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