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Friday, January 22, 2016

10 Most Popular Articles On The Littrell Family Website.

The Littrell Family News website has existed for over 20 years, but it did not really take off and become popular until we moved it to GOOGLE Blogger and created a more interactive website that you see now. That occurred 6 years ago this month (January). Since then the website’s articles/post has been viewed at least 44,788 times. At its current average (of 500 to 1,000 views a month) we should break the 50,000 views milestone in 2016. Visitors have come from North and South America, Asia, and Europe.

Over 300 articles/post have been published on the website with the 10 most popular from 2010 to January of 2016 listed below:

20most alltime
Click the articles below to view them.


  1. Our Ancestral Namesakes: Coat of Arms part 1
  2. Colonel John Luttrell: Battle Of Lindley's Mill
  3. Military Role Call: Remember Our Veterans: 11-11-1...
  4. George P.Literal Descendants
  5. Daniel Hyden Luttrell, Knox, TN
  6. John & Kizzie Family Pictures:
  7. Family Myths: Col. John Luttrell
  8. Medal of Honor Recipients That Connect to the Litt...
  9. Timmons Seburn Literal Family Reunion:
  10. 1st Annual John & Kizzie Comer) Littrell Family Re...

Last Milestone:

www.littrellfamily.net APPROACHING 30,000 VIEWS/HITS.   (click to view)

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