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Thursday, December 21, 2017

Busiest Week Of The Year For Littrell Family?

The week of December 21 thru 28 may be one of the busiest weeks of the year for the the family of John & Kizzie Littrell and their descendants:
4 siblings were born: Les(1928), Ruben(1930), OJ(1926), Red(1920).
1 sibling died: JD(1995),
John & Kizzie Zore (Comer) Littrell
1 sibling married: JD(1947)
other births: Kelly Littrell-McKinney(1972), Jaclinn D. Littrell(1997), Kathleen Littrell-Night(1967), Christopher Burrows(1990), & Gertrude Boch-Littrell(1933).
The following 3 days also saw: another sibling die – Onene Littrell-Curtis(2010), a First Cousin married – Mary Catherine-Cook(1964), another First Cousin born – Sheila Littrell-Jimerson(1949), and two more births - Christopher Johnson(1978), & Janet Lanning-Hartsfield(1959).

The month of December:


If I am missing any birthdates, death, or marriage dates, for any months, please email me the information. Announcements, obituaries, photos, etc., are always useful.

Correction to calendar: Teresia Beatrice Littrell DIED on December 12,1974. She was BORN March 17, 1932.


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