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Sunday, December 31, 2017

Ollie Onene Littrell Curtis died 12-30-2010

Born in Loretto, Lawrence County, Tennessee
Passed in Marston, Missouri
A descendant of Pioneers and Patriots
A descendant of Irish stock
who came to America as indentured servants,
earned their freedoms as planters and patriots,
and set forth as early settlers in Casey County, Kentucky, and Lawrence County, Tennessee.
A distant cousin to the founders of Fort Boonesborough, the blazers of the Wilderness Trail [with Daniel Boone] and the hero of the Battle of Lindley’s Mill.
A direct descendant of veterans of the Revolutionary War, the Cornstalk Militia [1812], and both sides during the War Between The States.
Daughter of John Daniel and Kizzie Zore [Comer] Littrell of East Prairie, Missouri.
Sister to:
Viola [Sis],
Leatha Mae,
and Ruben.
Wife of Bert Curtis
Mother of Martha Rae.
Your place in our memories and dreams will never be forgotten,
for that reason even though we can't be with you now,
you will always be with us.
Some cousins left before we got the picture but most that were there are in the pictures.
Click the picture above to view the pictures taken at the cemetery.
If you have a Google account you should be able to order prints online yourself.
If you have problems or don’t have a Google account then email me the numbers of the photos you want including the approximate size along with the address for a Walgreens near you. I’ll order the prints and you can pay for them when you pick them up at Walgreens.

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