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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Ollie Onene Littrell Curtis: Born March 13, 1917

re-posted from 2010
Past Birthday Celebrations [b.3-13-1917] for the last surviving child of John D. and Kizzie Z. Comer Littrell was held in her home and then at Ryan's in Sikeston, MO. before her years made the celebration to difficult for her.  The last one was held in 2006.  These dinners have served as sort of a reunion event since the discontinuance of the Wappapello reunions.
Onene passed away 12-30-2010.

ollie oneneft
Onene 108732~1
Onene Littrell-Curtis & baby, possibly Rueben, OJ or Les (even though the inscription says JD).

Onene and JD were only five years apart, OJ was 9 years younger than Onene, Leslie 11, and Rubin 13 years younger. Onene is believed to be 13 years old in the picture based on her memory of the picture being taken when she got her first pair of shoes on her 13th birthday.
Bert and Onene
Bert & Ollie Onene (Littrell) Curtis
Missouri circa 1936/37

Onene met Bert when he was running sugar for Moonshiners.

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