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Wednesday, January 2, 2002

The Ezell Families of the Lawrence CoTN & Lauderdale CoAL Areas.

Alabama ~ Missouri ~ South Carolina ~ Tennessee Virginia

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Excerpts from The Families of Timmons Seburn & Mary Catherine Urban Literal: Appendix 11: Ezell/Comer

The spouses of James Carroll Littrell and John Daniel Littrell were 1st cousins to each other, establishing a dual relationship with each other for their descendants. James Littrell’s wife Donie Ezell and John Littrell’s wife Kizzie Comer were 9th generation descendants of Timothy Ezell (d.1696) of Surrey County, Virginia.

Between 1750 and 1830 the great great grandchild of Timothy, William Ezell (and Susannah Seat) relocated from Surrey County to Union County, South Carolina. Several of their children would migrate to the south-central Tennessee area.

Hobart H. Ezell, the grandson of William & Susannah, was the grandfather of both Donie and Kizzie.

There are at least three branches of the Littrell family that are also descendants of the Ezell family. Two of them descend from the sons of Timmons Seburn Literal: James Carroll and John Daniel; and the other from George Literal's [the brother of Timmons] son Edward Littrell, Sr.

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