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Tuesday, January 1, 2002

Suzie Louisa Littrell & Richard Benjamin Smith

Berryhill ~ Colvert ~ Freeze ~ Gray ~ Springer ~ Smith ~ Yocum

Alabama ~ Tennessee ~ Virginia

Suzie Louisa Littrell & Richard Benjamin Smith lived on the Powell Place, on Bluewater, and farmed for Allen Littrell (Suzie’s 1st cousin). They then moved into Richard’s mothers’ house (Mary Malinda Powel Smith), that was built high of the ground and goats slept under it at night.

Richard then bought some nearby land from John Urban (?), cut lumber and built a three-room house.

The family got their water from a spring on Jim Urban's land.

The children went to school at Blue Springs (Fairview), a one-room schoolhouse with 8 Grades. All their chores had to be done after school.

After Suzie died in 1942, her daughter (Annie Belle Smith~Springer) and husband moved in with Richard and helped him farm the land. In 1947 when Annie Bell and Frank bought their own land, Richard and his mother moved in with them.[1]

Richard was a farmer and served as Constable and Susie was a mid-wife.

[1] "Suburban News: Lexington, AL-Loretto , TN" March 8, 2000: Peggy Littrell

Volume IV: The Families of Timmons Seburn & Mary Catherine Urban Literal of Lawrence County, Tennessee & Lauderdale County, Alabama. Chapter 3 deals with the family and descendants of Timmons & Mary's oldest child, Suzie:

Prominent Surnames: Littrell, Berryhill, Moore, Fisher, Estes, Springer, & Holt.

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