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Facebook Fans

Something I've added for FaceBook users is making it possible for you to have a FaceBook link to your FaceBook page posted here and/or on my various sites: Littrell Family.net, Postal-iNDY.com, Glenn's World, iDS, etc. This way others who visit these sites can find you, if you want them to. All you have to do is go to your profile and near or at the bottom of the left-hand column is a link titled 'FaceBook Badge' or 'Create Your FaceBook Badge' [its probably light blue]. If you can't find it just go to Littrellfamily.net and look for my badge and click the link under my 'badge'. Once the link opens up copy the code and send it to me in a regular email, not facebook email. There may be more options than just the badge so be sure you do the badge and if given an option select the 'vertical' badge. If you have any problems or need help just email me at indianaglenn@gmail.com

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