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Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Misc. Draft Cards: World War I– unidentified Littrells

WWI draftcard (3)

IDENTIFIED: Based on name assumption and Draft card: Full name appears to be Delaware Deerfield Litral(AKA Delly D. Litral), self employed farmer living and working in Lawrenceburg, Lawrence County, TN in 1918. Delly is the son of Columbus Lafayette Litral, a second cousin once removed of John Daniel Littrell. There last common ancestor was Rodhom Literal.

WWI draftcard (4)

Garland Gaston Litral: On draft card last name is clearly LITRAL: An auto-mechanic working at Bates Manufacturing Company, living and working in Lawrenceburg, Lawrence County, TN.

WWI draftcard (7)

Andrew Thomas Littrill: Farming and living in Leoma, Lawrence County, TN.

WWI draftcard (10)

James Henry Littrell: Draft Card: Self employed farmer, single, born in Lexington, AL., living in Loretto, TN. Card dated Jube 6, 1917... the first round of three drafts during WW I. He made his mark.

WWI draftcard (11)

Joe Littrell: Farming and living in Loretto, TN., self employed farmer.WWI draftcard (13)

Julias Edgar Littrell: Single farmer, living in Appleton, TN., Route #1

WWI draftcard (15)

Linnie Sebastian Littrell: Draft Card: Born, living, and farming (self) in Appleton, Lawrence County, TN. Married w/one child.

WWI Draft Registration Cards, Selective Service Registration Cards, World War I: PMGO Form No. 1 RED

Thomas Avery & William Turner Littrell have both been identified as sons of George Littrell and moved to his family page.

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