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Thursday, December 22, 2016

Albert Rubin Littrell: born 12-22-1930

was born December 22, 1930, in Loretto, TN.
He married (1) Shirley Nelson on November 21, 1952, the daughter of Raymond Nelson and Alice Hodge. He married (2) Sharon Nadine Stanley on August 22, 1964, in Indiana. She was born April 25, 1941.
Children of Albert Littrell and Shirley Nelson are:

  • Richard Rubin Littrell. He married (1) Joyce (??), married (2) Linda (???), married (3) Linda (??). 
    Children of Richard Littrell and Linda are:
             <>Len Albert Littrell, born in Houston, TX.
             <>Robin Angeline Littrell, born January 03, 1976, in Houston, TX.
             <>Richard Rubin Littrell, born January 11, 1977, in Ft. Myers, FL.
  • Betty Rachelle Littrell. She married (1) Edwin Dean Irvin in Houston, TX. He was born in Wyoming. She married (2) Wayne Layne in Houston, TX.
             <>Felicia Ann Littrell born September 21, 1974, in Houston, TX.
                 She married (1) Antoine Varnado.
                   Child of Felicia Littrell and Antoine Varnado is:
                     <>Tre'Andre Dominique Littrell, born May 29, 1993 in
                 She married (2) Curtis Lee Washington.
                    Child of Felicia Littrell and Curtis Washington is:
                     <>Destiny Le'Monique Washington, born July 06, 1994, in
                            Houston, TX.            
                 She married (3) Abel Beah Yallah.
                    Child of Felicia Littrell and Abel Yallah is:
                     <>Nani Nadine Yallah, born September 21, 2000, in OH.,
  • Felicia E. Littrell, born February 09, 1959; died February 05, 1966, in Indianapolis, Indiana. Buried: MO., New Madrid Co., Mounds Cem.

I presently have very few pictures of Ruben’s family, particularly any family type pictures (him with his kids). If anyone can send me any such pictures please do so, either by email: gdl@glenns-world.com or postal: Glenn Littrell, PO BOX 20794, Indianapolis, Indiana, 46220. (If you send them by mail and want them returned be sure to say so in a note with the pictures.
I would also appreciate any correction to the above information or additional information.
To see what pictures I presently have click here.
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