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Monday, December 1, 2014

Unknown URBAN:

Urban Jesse Franklin Obit     This Urban Family bears the same surname as Mary Catherine Urban Literal, wife of Timmons S. Literal, the father of John Daniel Littrell.

     In researching Mary Catherine's ancestors and their descendants we came across this family, which, by their surname, location and dates are probably related to Mary Catherine. Until that relationship/connection is made we list them as unknown relatives.  

     When they are connected we will show them in the Urban family line and change their surname from all caps to “Urban”.

......1 Jesse Franklin URBAN b: Aug 17, 1906, d: Feb 18, 1987 in AL., Lauderdale Co., Greenhill
+ Millie Coker
.........2 Jimmy URBAN
.........2 Robert URBAN
.........2 John URBAN
.........2 Earnest URBAN
.........2 James URBAN

If you can help connect this family
e-mail me or use the comment link.

IMAG0004   GlennDL


Urban, Urbana, Erbin, Irwin, and all spellings.
Ancestors of the descendants of Timmons Literal & Mary Catherine Urban through her father.


  1. Jesse Franklin Urban was the son of Albert Agee Urban and Emmaline, born in 1907. I do not have Emmaline's last name, now further information on Jesse Franklin. Hope this helps!

  2. Sorry, I meant "nor further information", not "now further information".



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