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Saturday, November 1, 2014

Cemetery Book Project:

I am near completion on the Cemetery Book project. I have not updated the tombstone and cemetery inventories since 2000, but since the material for this book is about 100% complete, minus burial information since 2000, I am going to send it to the printer soon. If you have had any family members (Littrell descendants, Comer, Ezell also) buried since 2000, please send me info... date, place, full-name. A tombstone picture would be great, as well as copies of an obituary.
The book will have three Chapters:
1. Cemetery guide and census. Maps, cemetery history & information where available), driving instructions, who's buried there, etc. Could use any info on Valhalla (in St. Louis), Mounds, Evergreen, Anniston, and W.O.W. all in Missouri.
Cemeteries included in this driving tour are: Loretto Glennrock, Fairview, Second Creek, Granny Richardson, Bishop Chapel, Restview, Old Selena
2. Search for the Lost Littrell Cemetery. Notes and history behind the search for the location of our ancestors unknown burial location in Lawrence County, TN., Rodham Literal. The great grandfather of Grandpa John Littrell, the graveyard he was buried in disappeared during the depression. A victim of hard-times as every inch of plantable soil was necessary to make ends meet. The cemetery was plowed over and the stones used to dam a ravine. Over the years the whereabouts of the cemetery was lost to memory. Starting with William Q. Hill the search covered over 15 years ending in its identification in 2000.
3. A memorial to Pvt. Eli Literal. Killed during the Civil War, Eli was buried in a mass grave in Georgia. Those dedicated to the search for Rodham's grave also found themselves involved in organizing the erection of a memorial tombstone and dedication honoring Pvt. Eli, the son of Rodham.

The Cemetery Tour and the Dedication chapters are reprints from Family Reunion programs distributed for the Timmons Literal Family reunions in the early 2000s.
Post the information to email: gdl@glenns-world.com

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