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Sunday, October 4, 2015

4th Annual John & Kizzie Comer Littrell Family Reunion: 2014

The ‘Loft’ was full, the ‘Bus’ was full and half the tents were full, but we still had room for more.
GDL~2014 (3)
Those Registered:
  • Glenn Littrell *JD Littrell
  • Kelly McKinney  *JD Littrell
  • Tom Bryer  *Jesse Daniel Littrell
  • Fred Littrell  *Red Littrell
  • Mary Catherine Cook  *OJ Littrell
  • Amanda Britain  *Red Littrell
  • John ‘JL’ Littrell  *Les Littrell
  • Wayne Davis  *Letha Mae Davis
  • Bill Davis  *Letha Mae Davis
  • Pam Williams  *Letha Mae Davis
  • Alicia Garnett  *Letha Mae Davis
  • Madelyn Jones  *Letha Mae Davis
  • Mary Grace Garnett  *Letha Mae Davis
  • Janet Littrell Silman  *Red Littrell
  • Joyce Davis Scruggs  *Letha Mae Davis
  • Jeffrey S. Davis  *Letha Mae Davis
  • Blaine & Casey Davis  *Letha Mae Davis
  • Sheila Jimerson  *OJ Littrell
  • Darlene Williams  *Bertha Thurman
  • Monty & Janie Thurman  *Bertha Thurman
  • Ashley & Randy Casey  *Bertha Thurman
  • Hannah Casey  *Bertha Thurman
46 Family Members Present
Descendants of John & Kizzie’s children not present:   Sis, Noble, Onene, & Dick.

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  1. Kizzie Comer, wife of Milton Comer born 1793 died 1903 is buried here in Madison County, TN.. Related? I just posted her grave marker photograph in findagrave.com where I volunteer as a grave photographer for people doing genealogy. My email is tim@bigblackcreekhistorical.com



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